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Brain-computer interfaces

Hello Future Fans,

Today I’ll continue briefly on the topic of brain-computer / brain-Internet / brain-to-brain interfaces.

I’ve linked a great robohub article below. It talks about a tech concept called neurograins. These are tiny, sophisticated, wireless devices that will be designed to sit around the cerebreral cortex. They will detect, and possibly directly influence, neural activity i.e. they could read and then influence thoughts. Sitting inside the skull will greatly improve the capability of these devices to detect the activity of neurons vs the usual external sensors.

This kind of technology is entirely new and, frankly, mostly speculative at this point. The embedded video, however, runs through many real life steps that have already been taken on this journey. It then ends by looking at some of the potential risks (having one’s mind controlled!) as per Bobby’s comment on my last post.

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