5G is a serious game changer

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure that everyone knows that 5G mobile connectivity is coming. I’ve certainly posted a bit about it over the last couple of years!

As we’re getting closer to real world launch, some more tangible information is coming in, and it’s great.

The attached article talks about some ‘real world’ simulations done by Qualcomm, who build many of the connectivity & processing chips in our mobile devices.

The short story is that we’re looking at a ~10x+ jump in data speeds vs 4G. Perhaps even more importantly, the latency (time between data request vs response) is also dropping by between ~7x and ~20x, depending on the exact 5G technology used. The combination of order-of-magnitude changes on both of these dimensions is staggering.

Fast. Damned fast, and responsive. 5G continues to look like a real game changer!

This kind of step change will open up a huge range of new opportunities, and I’m sure that there are very many businesses and startups already building fundamentally new products & services for the 5G era.


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