Qualcomm demonstrates dynamic charging of EVs on the go

Electric vehicles (EVs) are clearly here to stay. Fundamental performance, reliability, and cost benefits will ensure that. Electric cars can provide instant torque and therefore accelerate much more rapidly than combustion vehicles. Electric motors have far fewer moving parts than internal combustion engines and can be expected to last up to 1 million miles. Electricity is cheap compared to gasoline / petrol. There’s no stopping this motoring revolution.

One small issue holding electric vehicles back is range. Despite battery technology advancing rapidly, range can be limited to 100-250 miles. That’s great for driving around town and some slightly longer trips, but the batteries are large and drivers need to plan in regular charging stops for longer journeys. In addition, a lot of people don’t have dedicated space to keep an electric vehicle at home next to a charger.

In the below article, Qualcomm is demonstrating a solution – wireless charging. Imagine stretches of electrified highway across long route e.g. London to Edinburgh. Every hundred miles or so, your (self-driving?) electric vehicle could re-charge while driving at highway speeds. Perhaps busy city streets can be similarly electrified. Electric cars can then minimise the size, weight, and cost of batteries while still allowing drivers almost unlimited driving range and completely hassle-free recharges.

The main challenge, of course, will be the creation and widespread adoption of specific standards like this one from Qualcomm. We shall see … but it’s nice to see a lot of innovation in this space.


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